24 06, 2019

Energy in its Purest form

40 years of running are recorded in the diary that has travelled with me on this long personal journey. The experiences that I have lived throughout this time have allowed me to travel continuously, along many different paths, but nonetheless always on the move towards new goals and dreams. Thanks to all these kilometres run

6 03, 2019

#RRS2019 – 1st March 2019

LET'S START ONCE AGAIN #RRS2019 42 ... 80s dance songs to start preparing to run the 42 km of the next International Rome Marathon. This is how the Roma Running Style 2019, at the Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla, starts again with 5 X 2000 managed by the Marathon Truppen pacers led by Mauro Firmani.

19 02, 2019


Let's put together a perfect sunny day, temperatures that remind us of spring, a red vest and the stage is set. For the purosangue Peter Kwemoi Ndorobo (Purosangue Athletics Club) the Gensan Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon was a simply unforgettable day, including a first place finish and a personal best to update.   Peter Kwemoi Ndorobo

22 10, 2018

ROMA RUNNING STYLE – Rome is better if you run together

...and after tonight there can be no doubt! We saw it happen! This evening, for the first time in the history of the Stadio Dei Marmi even the statues jumped off their pedestals to join the endless flow of runners who had invaded the track as part of Roma Running Style. A new way

20 04, 2018


ROMA RUNNING/RECORD STYLE There was a magical atmosphere this evening at the Nando Martellini Stadium. Over a thousand runners, a continuous lap of the track full of hearts that ran and pedalled to the rhythm of the music. A special thanks to Professor Landi and his staff from Agostino Gemelli University Hospital who, via

24 01, 2018


The champion factory gets moving before dawn. Sleepy children line up in the half-light, following a road of red soil lined with tall Cedar and Eucalyptus trees. They start at a leisurely pace, then their strides lengthen and the rhythm becomes unstoppable. Children, women, boys for whom running has become a source of hope

18 05, 2017

Roma Running Style 16/05/2017 – Dance music

With its unmistakable character, on a wonderful spring evening accompanied by the sound of dance music, Roma Running Style saw a huge number of athletes running and having fun during a special track session. The next Roma Running Style date for all of you is Tuesday 6th June, to enjoy a truly special evening on

21 03, 2017

ROMA RUNNING STYLE 21/03/17 – Spring Edition

 THE MARATHON IS ALREADY OURS: IT'S JUST A QUESTION OF TIME Welcome Spring! Even the marble statues of the Foro Italico spun around as our runners flew past. A new format led by pacemakers on the track, with the same energy as always. All with the aim of preparing the marathon. We would like to

7 03, 2017


ORISTANO RUNS TOWARDS KENYA Purosangue was present at the District of Oristano Half Marathon to collect used running shoes as part of the Shoes Sharing Project. A great many pairs were received and at the end of the month they will be taken to Kenya, and distributed to the athletics schools thanks to the support