The “Progetto Filippide” derives from the Associazione Sport e Società, amateur sports organization, affiliated with the Fisdir and recognized by the Italian Paralympic Commission,  which carries out activities of training and preparation for sports competitions, people affected by autism and its correlated rare syndromes.


The sports practice is recognised by the medical and scientific world as an effective rehabilitative and therapeutic tool for all intellectual and relational disabilities. In particular, participation in sports competitions is found crucial in order to gain greater awareness of their psychological and physical limits, at any level, in an attempt to overcome them.

The benefits deriving from an athletic endeavor, along with an overall personal satisfaction, determined by the moments of integration and socialization that sport offers, are the culmination of our activities.

As an innovative research and development laboratory aimed to the treat autism and as a sports center of excellence for intellectual and relational disabilities, the Progetto Filippide, was established in Rome thanks to the strong support and contribution of the Municipality of Rome – Department of social policies – V Dipartimento Ufficio Handicap.

Every day, dozens of boys and girls with disabilities find their identity as athletes, liaising at the same level as sports professionals and amateurs. In environments and public facilities fully integrated with the social context, the athletes of Progetto Filippide are trained with perseverance and courage to face sporting events on the annual calendar.

The Progetto Filippide counts dozens of affiliated Sections throughout Italy who have tested and validated the work methodology, which is effective and functional to physical education, behavioral treatment and integration. In recent years, Autism has become as a real social emergency, both for its incidence rate on births and because of its high degree of social intrusion.