Let’s share a dream.

The Purosangue Team is a group of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds with a passion for running and for life.  An open minded group, where ideas are shared and members collaborate and rely on each other to improve. Apart from running, every member of the team is in charge of a specific area.  We also are represented by our team of elite athletes.  The two founding members, Nico Pannevis and Max Monteforte, through their passion for the sport have personally scouted for these talents at a young age and have assisted by providing them with their 1st pair of quality running shoes to reach the highest step of the podium in some of the most important races on the globe.  

The founding members

Nico Angelo Pannevis
Nico Angelo PannevisCo-founder 
Foundation - Film Production - 
Top Athletes Manager - 
Max Monteforte
Max MonteforteCo-founder - 
Project Manager
 - Coaching - Race director - Sponsor

Management board

Sandro Di Marzio
Sandro Di MarzioLogistic support
Giuseppe Bizzarri
Giuseppe BizzarriRunning team
Roberto Eramo
Roberto EramoInstagram, Twitter, Graphics and Website
ALex Lionetti
ALex LionettiMemberships
Marcello Perotta
Marcello PerottaAccounting & team
Francois Pierdet
Francois PierdetTeam Race Results
Katia Vinciguerra
Katia VinciguerraMarketing

Animated by the same passion

Jennifer Kate Elizabeth Stipe
Jennifer Kate Elizabeth StipeEnglish contact and translations