1187 hearts crossed paths this evening. Excited hearts eager to hug, warm up and exceed expectations on the Terrace of Pincio in the wonderful context of the LET LOVE MOVE YOU Flash Mob.
Proceedings kicked off with a fitness session courtesy of Alessia Manfredelli and Fabio Inka of @impactotraining. After which the long stream of Runners, coordinated by the Purosangue staff and accompanied during the 5km run by @FitbitIT fitness trackers, was set free through Villa Borghese wearing the romantic Adidas shirt designed especially for the occasion.

Around 800 pairs of used running shoes were collected which, thanks to Prosolidar, will be taken to the schools of the Purosangue Training Camp in Kenya in March.
Special thanks are due to @LBMSport for their technical and logistical support.
The heart engendered by a hug is truly immense and is the result of the enthusiasm shown by all of you.

Did you enjoy running with Fitbit on St Valentine’s day? Would you like to know more about their products? Just click like @FitbitIT or visit www.fitbit.com/it
#letlovemoveyou #fitbit

Thanks to everyone who took part!
Supported by the Comune di Roma
Organized by Purosangue
Sponsored by @Fitbit e Prosolidar
Partners: LBMSport – Sky Runner – Media Engineering – ShoesSharing