40 years of running are recorded in the diary that has travelled with me on this long personal journey.

The experiences that I have lived throughout this time have allowed me to travel continuously, along many different paths, but nonetheless always on the move towards new goals and dreams.

Thanks to all these kilometres run (currently 113,684 km as of the 15th May 2019) I have been able to discover new places, both within and without of myself. The backdrop may have changed often, but the constant desire to push my limits and overcome them has always remained.

Thus, on the 25th May, I decided to let myself go and experience the madness of a run along the edge of the complete unknown.

Sporting the bib number 40 at the legendary 100KM DEL PASSATORE race, I was more convinced than ever that physical places are truly a state of mind.

The emotions that I felt and the sensation of having you all at my side was an incredible source of encouragement, which kept me firmly concentrated on the job at hand. I was determined to arrive at any cost and even the cramps which beset me far earlier than predicted did not undermine my conviction that I would reach my goal.

Shall we say that I’ve tested the route and understood how to approach a race of this kind: information that could be very useful to other audacious runners who may wish to tackle this distance next year.

I must admit that in the hours leading up to the race, I felt a level of excitement that been missing for many years. I was going into the UNKNOWN and that is exactly how it was!

The clock stopped at 9 hours and 46 minutes as I crossed the finish line. Coach Max

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