Twenty-five minutes of film with dreams, expectations and uncomfortable truths in the running world. Two athletes compared on different levels and ethnic backgrounds, doping will try to flatten everything, making the path smoother and eliminating the gap. The backdrop is the Rome Marathon, a race for which the athletes prepare different strategies and will take them down different routes.

The film ends with the Rome Marathon but just before a harmonious scene, almost from another era, a “moment of glory” where athletes, such as red blood cells carry oxygen and ideas to the audience, proud of having done a job that is “pure blood”.

“Purosangue – The Movie” is yet another bet of Max Monteforte and Nico Pannevis, made with the help and professionalism of Virginio Favale (Director), Pierre André Transunto (Cinematography). The film: Sebastiano Colla (as the manager), Giuseppe Cruciani (as the doctor), Roberto Pedicini (voiceover of the main character), Gianluca Scuotto (leading role), and Festus Langat (co-star and in his real athletic life elite athlete of Purosangue). Do not forget the presence of Bikila, the hamster symbol and mascot of this adventure with his constant race, running on the wheel, proving that with doping you never get anywhere.

The showing of the film in schools