We believe it is possible to create a better future.

Who we are

Purosangue is an international project of Supportive Running, active in Italy and Africa since 2011, spreading the culture of clean and social sports. It collaborates with associations, companies, institutions, sports events and athletes by promoting a new vision of running. Purosangue is also a sports club and has several training camps in Italy and Africa.

The idea

The idea came from Max Monteforte, who ran over 100.000 kilometers in his career and Nico Pannevis, hotelier by profession and runner, born and brought up in Kenya, he moved to Europe to further his studies. Following his 125 victories,  Max undertook an organisational and young athletes coaching career, promoting the culture of clean sport. Nico, owns and manages “Sant’ Antonio” Country Resort in Montepulciano, Italy: an 800 year old converted monastery, a perfect location to relax surrounded by 80 hectares of countryside located in the hills near Pienza and Montalcino. The two met in Nico’s resort and immediately understood that they had a common passion: running. The Purosangue Project was born and within a few years it has created sport and cultural initiatives dedicated to running but most of all with the aim of spreading the “No Doping” culture.

The vision

We strongly believe that it is possible to improve the living conditions of many people through running and athletics. For this reason we offer young talents the possibility of becoming champions in sport but more importantly, in life, trusting their own strengths, the persistence and will of reaching important goals without the use of performance enhancing drugs. This is because we believe that only with sincerity of purpose and good will you can go the full distance. According to us, the true champion is not the athlete that wins a race but a person able to think as a champion and win in life. You are a winner from the moment you decide not to win at any price.

The mission

To create a Purosangue Training Camp in Kenya consisting of an athletics track, including a gym, swimming pool, changing rooms, classrooms, a health clinic and an internet point for the young athletes.  An entirely sustainable habitat dedicated to technological innovation. In addition, the Training Camp will host a guesthouse where trained athletes have the opportunity to work and be taught extra activities by our staff.  All this in order to form a team of champions capable of winning in sports and most of all, in life.