Let your shoes run in Africa

With the ShoesSharing project, we give a second life to your old running shoes enabling them to run in Africa once again. By collecting 42 pairs of shoes you will be nominated responsible of a Collection Point and with 195 good actions these will reach the African soil. Once you become a Collection Point, people will be made aware through social networks, that in your area there is a place that will collect second hand running shoes.

One of our Purosangue members will get in touch with you directly and from that moment, a true  Purosangue member will reach you and take the shoes to Rome or Montepulciano, at no cost, moving them closer, even only 10kms, just like a relay where the baton is represented by the running shoes.

We kindly ask you to take a picture and write a few words that we will post on Facebook every time the baton is handed over, because we are keen on witnessing the beginning of the new life of the running shoes up until the moment they reach Africa and are handed to the children.

ShoesSharing: a no cost project with minimum environmental impact for a true relay towards Africa.