Because this is what we are made of: dreams. Dreams and stars. Although perhaps we have forgotten this?
What if your dream was to head out wearing a dubious pair of tights and go running? To roam along pathways, taste the dawn, pound the streets in order to go BEYOND your limits and have the courage to look exhaustion in the face?
If this really is your dream, get up now and follow it! Don’t delay. Don’t shake your head and mutter that “it’s pointless”. Don’t let anyone criticise you, saying “Don’t waste your time with this rubbish”. Don’t listen to the naysayers who ask you why on earth do you bother?
Dreams never disappear, in the worst case scenario, they remain unfulfilled and you have to adjust your goal.  
If you don’t wish to live your own dreams, why not give us a hand to make ours come true? Even with just one simple BRICK!
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