fabbrica di campioni

The champion factory gets moving before dawn. Sleepy children line up in the half-light, following a road of red soil lined with tall Cedar and Eucalyptus trees. They start at a leisurely pace, then their strides lengthen and the rhythm becomes unstoppable.

Children, women, boys for whom running has become a source of hope and redemption.

When you leave the city at six in the morning you come across so many people running through the tea plantations on the plains, or in the midst of the high forest. You find barefoot children cheering on their heroes as they pass with their perfect geometric stride, men and women with a contagious happiness…
Observing the genuine simplicity of life in these places, I am always in awe of the sound of bare feet and the eyes full of excitement for a run organised between school friends.

You cannot help but look within yourself and recognise the same intense passion for running mirrored here.
The light in the eyes of those who run is a constant thing.. it’s always the same wherever in the world you find yourself.

The eyes of a runner full of emotion belong to a BROTHER … I

happily invite you to seek the joy in the eyes of those who run because it speaks of courage, happiness and a healthy insanity.