Kipkirui Langat
Kipkirui Langat
Date of birth: 01/12/1988
Place of birth: Bomet, Kenya
Gender: Male
Nationality: Kenyan

‘Elisha’ Kipkirui is the brother of Leonard Langat (59’18”). Leonard now is part of Gianni’s team after assisting and training him for the past 5 years. I start all over again with the 3rd member of the Langat family.
He has only competed in Kenya and has a PB of 62 achieved at the Sokotoko Half Marathon in October 2016 – at high altitude.

Race Performance  Info
10 km 28’45” (split in the half marathon) March 2017
 15 km  44’14” (split in the half marathon) March 2017
 Half Marathon  62’33 Sokotoko Half Marathon  October 2016